Dummies and Hotfixes
by BENJAMINLSR - March 26, 2019
Quick Facts
We have been rolling several updates and hotfixes lately to improve the overall scaling experience and bring the server stability to normal level. We've also implemented few functionalities to help you and your character apprehend this World of Warcraft.
The Blackmarket NPCs implementation has been fully rewrote so we do not rely on quests anymore but gossip menus instead. It has been quiet a challenging journey to get something stable and good looking.

Gossip menus brings a lot more flexibility in what you can do with the black market goblins. You're now free to pick any item within your main backpack through categories and rescale it down to 20 level below yours and up to your current character level.

Combat Dummy
This was a popular request from the community and also something we wanted to implement so you guys can experience your character's build and compare your damage output. Right now we've implemented the simplest combat dummy for 1:1 training. Later, we'll implement elite scaled combat dummy for you to experience your scaled group damage output and get an idea of how efficient you are.

What's next ?
Here are few high level details on what you can expect from Rochenoire in the coming weeks, months.
  • April 1st: Patch 1.3 (Dire Maul, Kazzak and Azuregos).
  • Mid April: Wanted Poster (Rare creatures hunts).
  • End of April: Treasure Goblins (Stay tuned).
  • End of May: Heroic Dungeons (Stay tuned).

core: improved the creature level scaling.
core: fixed an exploit allowing players to keep the group drop bonus when distant or offline.
core: improved leveldiff calculation on GetSpellResistChance() MagicSpellHitChance() canDetectStealthOf().
core: more work on better creature level scaling (WIP, not implemented).
core: fixed an issue causing SPELL_EFFECT_KNOCK_BACK to be scaled.
core: fixed an issue causing EffectWeaponDmg() to be scaled twice when casted by players.
core: fixed an issue causing EffectWeaponDmg() to be scaled twice when casted by creatures.
core: prevent a crash when GetCharmerOrOwner() is called.
core: fixed an issue causing EffectWeaponDmg() to ignore the isScale argument.
core: fixed an issue with EffectThreat() where the scaled value would be store unsigned.
core: fixed an issue causing ScaleDamage() to be unable to handle float values.
core: Eye of Naxxramas summoned Gargoyles no longer despawn.
core: fixed and issue preventing Bag::GetItemCount() to look for scaled items.
core: implemented GameObject::CastSpell().
core: implemented GameObject::Use() when GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_TRAP.
core: implemented WorldObject::SummonTrigger().
core: fixed an issue when dealing with SPELL_EFFECT_WEAPON_DAMAGE.
core: implemented Scale.IsForcePVP switch.
core: fixed an issue with getLevelScaled() where owner level would be returned instead of target level when target couldn't be scaled (this fixed several wrong behaviors, like wrong displayed level, gray npcs giving experience and soul shards, etc...)
core: fixed an issue allowing SPELL_EFFECT_DISPEL value to be scaled, impacting the number of dispelled spells.
core: implemented GetLocalItemLink() (WIP)
core: implemented GetItemByEntry()
core: implemented GetItemByGuid()
core: implemented HasItemCategory()
core: improved Black Market behavior.
core: added SPELL_EFFECT_WEAPON_DAMAGE_NOSCHOOL to the restricted scaling effects list.
core: removed SPELL_AURA_MOD_SCALE from safe scaling auras list.
core: prevent a crash with GetDefenseSkillValue().
core: implemented ScalePetCreateSpells().
core: fixed an issue with getLevelScaled().
core: fixed an issue with GetItemByGuid().
core: Blackmarket now supports Armor, Miscellaneous.
core: Blackmarket should now properly read, get and delete the upgraded item and required tokens.
core: We no longer scales creatures with level is below 10.
crash: prevented a crash on EraseCreature().
crash: prevented a crash on m_creaturesStore access.
crash: prevented a crash with InitPetCreateSpells().
crash: prevented a crash when creature level is equal to zero.
crash: prevented a crash when calling GetWeaponSkillValue().
crash: prevented a crash when calling instance_uldaman::SetData().
db: implemented creature relative level column.
db: improved ragefire items and turned some to blue quality.
db: fixed an issue when attributing spells to scaled items.
db: removed Blackrock related quests from the DDI board.
db: fixed A Call to Arms: Stratholme quest creature kill requirements.
db: improved Eye of Naxxramas script to summon Gargoyles only once.
db: enabled "Attunement to the Core" on Alliance Side.
db: forced relative level for creatures (11713,11714,6180).
db: minimum level variation set to 1.
db: removed Earthcaller Halmgar kill requirement for quest: A Call to Arms: Razorfen Kraul.
db: fixed a typo in quest: The Final Call (Part 1).
db: fixed incorrect loot on Tarh.
db: fixed Spirit Of Gavinrad Ghost form.
db: fixed ~350 incorrect npcs Armor and Health multipliers.
db: reduced Staff of Horrors, Redridge Machete ChanceOrQuestChance.
db: changed Balancing the Light quest Type to Elite.
db: Quest Balancing the Light (9694) type changed to Elite.
db: Blackmarket now supports enUS, frFR.
db: implemented Combat Dummies in each capitals: Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Undercity.
script: implemented custom_CombatDummy.
scripts: implemented Covert Ops - Alpha/Beta quests scripts.
script: improved quests: 1079, 1080 scripts (Covert Ops - Alpha/Beta).
script: Gehennas timers Fixed (aligned with ScriptDev3)
script: Corrected serveral timer in Molten core (Geddon, Gehennas, Golemagg, Magmadar, Majordomo Ragnaros, Shazzrah, Sulfuron) and Onyxia.
script: Last raid scaling function implemented on Majordomo. Molten Core and Onyxia are 100% raid flex scaled.