Itemization in Rochenoire

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Itemization in Rochenoire

Post by BenjaminLSR » Tue Sep 24, 2019 8:20 am

It’s been a lot of fun over the last couple of months to dive into the development of our scaling algorithms for The Burning Crusade. We tried to answer some of the many questions that have been posed here and elsewhere.

There has been a lot of work and effort in getting the right amount of stats according to the itemlevel value and its respective expansion value (Classic, The Burning Crusade). The Burning Crusade implemented a lot of new item variables like: Gem, Socket and Ratings that we had to take into consideration.

Our aim has been to accurately replicate the original game’s mechanics and stats to their final and most polished state. That mission has been a pillar of The Burning Crusade design from its inception.
  • We've replaced item spells with item ratings when possible.
  • We've applied a different scaling algorithm depending on the itemlevel value. A Classic item upscaled to a certain point will become a Burning Crusade item and vice-versa.
  • We are now scaling Socket bonus.
There are a couple of different scenarios when scaling an item with one or several spells bounds to it.
  • Replace the original spell with a similar one (damage, radius, target, buff, debuff, etc.).
  • Keep the spell if it's a percentage based one (walking speed, attack speed, etc.).
  • Alter the item on hit value (spellppmRate, procChance).
  • Alter the item on use value (spellcooldown).
The pathing is a tool we've implemented to add stats like +crit, +hit, +parry, spell power, heal power, mp5, defence, and much more to the items when they get upscaled.

We intend to keep the initial itemization spirit and add diversity and usefulness to upscaled items. We also hope that BiS list will have to be rethink and that it will worth again to pay a visit to Vancleef once the level 60 reached.

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