Raid - TBC - Serpentshrine Caverns

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Raid - TBC - Serpentshrine Caverns

Post by artoria1 » Fri Feb 21, 2020 6:20 pm

Status 100%


Coilfang hate-screamer
Serpentshrine sporebat
Coilfang beast-tamer
Underbog colossus
>Colossus lurker

Purified water elemental
Tainted water elemental

Hydross the unstable
>Pure spawn of hydross
>Tainted spawn of hydross

Vashj'ir Honor Guard
Coilfang Shatterer
Coilfang Priestess
Greyheart Technician
Coilfang frenzy

The lurker below
>coilfang ambusher
>coilfang guardian

Coilfang Tidecaller
Coilfang Fathom-witch
Coilfang Serpentguard

Tidewalker Depth-seer
Tidewalker Warrior
Tidewalker Harpooner
Tidewalker Shaman
Tidewalker Hydromancer

Morogrim Tidewalker
>Tidewalker Lurker

Fathom-lord karathress
>Fathom-guard Tidalvess
>>Spitfire totem
>Fathom-guard caribdis
>>Cyclone (caribdis)
>Fathom-guard sharkkris
>>Fathom lurker

Greyheart Shield-Bearer
Serpentshrine lurker

Leotheras the blind
>Greyheart spellbinder
>>inner demon* need an extra person for this to scale it properly

Lady Vash
>enchanted elemental
>tainted elemental
>Coilfang elite
>Coilfang strider
>toxic spore bat

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