Raid - TBC - Tempest Keep: The Eye

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Raid - TBC - Tempest Keep: The Eye

Post by artoria1 » Fri Feb 21, 2020 7:45 pm

Status = 0%
Pack ID's = 5000-5999

The phoenix hall
  • Astromancer %rebalance cast
    Bloodwarder Legionnaire
    Bloodwarder Marshal %is casting whirlwind too frequently, is not casting bloodthirst at all, is using upper cut at bad timings
    Bloodwarder Squire % is casting HOJ too frequently
    Bloodwarder Vindicator
    Phoenix-Hawk Hatchling % is casting wing buffet too frequently
    Star Scryer %
    Tempest Falconer
    • Al’ar
      >Ember of Al’ar

      >this fight is too broken to currently scale properly

The Crucible
  • Crystalcore Devastator
    Crystalcore Mechanic
    Crystalcore Sentinel
      • Void Reaver
    The Solarium
    • Apprentice Star Scryer
      Astromancer Lord
      Nether Scryer
      Novice Astromancer
        • High Astromancer Solarian

      The Tempest Bridge
      • Bloodwarder Marshal
        Crimson Hand Blood Knight
        Crimson Hand Centurion
        Crimson Hand Inquisitor
        Crimson Hand Battle Mage
        • Kael'thas Sunstrider
          >Thaladred the Darkener
          >Lord Sanguinar
          >Grand Astromancer Capernian
          >Master Engineer Telonicus

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